Get in Touch!

The Gift from the Heart project looks forward to hearing from you! Contact us if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, participating in the event or linking with a dental hygienist in your community.

Common  Questions


How do I participate?

Register on the Gift from the Heart website by following this link here.

Do I have to provide “cleanings” to participate?

No! Dental hygienists offer a wide range of skills which benefit the oral and overall health of the public. You may partner with a clinic who is already participating in your area (see our directory). Or, you may offer oral health education in the form of a table clinic in a community setting or oral health screenings in a public health setting.

What kind of support is offered to volunteers?

Each registered location will receive a “swag box” compliments of our corporate sponsors.


How do I find a participating location?

You may check our directory to find a participating dental hygienist near you.

Do I have to prove my financial status?

No. The Gift from the Heart project understands that barriers accessing dental hygiene care is not limited to finances.

What if my care cannot be completed in one appointment?

Your dental hygienist will collaborate with you to develop a treatment plan prior to starting dental hygiene care.