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Gift from the Heart Charity

A Registered Canadian Charity which links Canadians who experience barriers accessing oral health care with dental hygienists. 

Did you know dental hygienists save lives? How?

Dental hygienists are primary oral health care providers who treat their clients holistically. Dental hygienists look at how oral health and overall health are linked. Dental hygienists collect health histories, review medications, monitor blood pressure and screen for oral cancer. Dental hygienists work within their scope of practice and recognise when collaboration with another healthcare professional is required.

The Gift from the Heart project is an opportunity to make a difference in your community by providing care to clients who may not have known about the important role of dental hygienists on the health care team.

Make a difference and volunteer! You will definitely change a life, and you may even save one!

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Dear Gift from the Heart Volunteer, 

We know that this has been a difficult few weeks for you, your community and the country. As a nation, we are in the middle of a health crisis like no other we have experienced in our lifetimes. Our political leaders and our scientific experts have urged us that the only way we can get ahead of COVID-19 is through strict social distancing.

Many of you have already postponed your Gift from the Heart Event indefinitely, and for that, we thank you. Thank you for heeding the strong recommendations of the Regulatory Colleges and Professional Associations.

If you have not cancelled your event, please do so.

We will select a new date at a later time and notify you as soon as possible.

We know that you still want to give, as do we! So, what can we do to help?

Please contact your Local Public Health Department or Hospital. Many have set up drive-through drop-off stations where you can donate PPE items. If you received a GFTH box that contained PPE (gloves, masks etc.) or even surface disinfecting wipes, these are items our partner health care professionals on the frontlines need, desperately.

Please strongly consider sharing your donated items. We can help!

For Registered Dental Hygienists who would like to help on the frontlines in Ontario please follow this link. http://www.healthforceontario.ca/en/M4/COVID19

For other Provinces, please contact your local health authority.



We need volunteers!

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The Gift from the Heart Charity

A Canadian initiative which began in 2008 as a one-day event offering “no cost” dental hygiene services for those who experience barriers accessing dental hygiene care.

The Gift from the Heart is now a Registered Charity and is looking to the future, we hope for a future where all Canadians will have access to essential oral health care.

Why we need donations:

  • To support our volunteers
  • To spread our message
  • To develop a foundation for those in need

Give a Gift from the Heart

We all know someone who cannot financially afford preventative dental hygiene care. They are the under served and vulnerable people of our communities.

They are the neglected, those without dental insurance or those on a fixed income, the fearful and those who are not able to access oral health care.  In 2008, I founded the Gift from the Heart a one day event which allows registered dental hygienists to give back to their communities by providing no cost dental hygiene care. The response was overwhelming.

For 11 consecutive years, Registered Dental hygienists have joined together to provide a GIFT like no other.

On Saturday April 6th, 2019  Registered Dental Hygienists across Canada opened their hearts and clinics to provide oral health care to the public who may be financially unable to receive preventative oral health care or who have difficulty accessing dental hygiene treatment, all this was done at no-cost. 

We welcome your participation all April 4th, 2020! Make a difference and volunteer! Change a life…Save a life. The benefits to you and your community are endless. We all know people who are struggling and we can life them up and give them something to smile about.
Follow GFTH on social media for updates and when registration begins. Cheers to everyone who gave back with #GFTH19.

See you all all April 4th, 2020!

Our Mission

The Gift from the Heart Charity links Canadians with Registered Dental Hygienists, raises awareness about access to oral health care issues and emphasizes the role of the Registered Dental Hygienist as a primary oral health care provider.

Our Vision

The Gift from the Heart hopes for a future where all Canadians who experience barriers will have access to oral health care through a Registered Dental Hygienist and experience improved overall health outcomes and better quality of life. 

Our Values

​The WHO (World Health Organization) states that: health professionals play a central and critical role in improving access and quality health care for the population.

They provide essential services that promote health, prevent diseases and deliver health care services to individuals, families and communities based on the primary health care approach.

We believe that through Gift from the Heart Charity events more Canadians will be able to access oral health care. 


Saving lives, changing lives… One smile at a time at a time

Dental Hygienists

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Get in Touch. Get Involved.

 An idea is formed from our Head and comes from the Heart and is Gifted through our Hands. We are Registered Dental Hygienists and together we can make a difference.
One Smile at a Time!


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