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We all know people who are struggling and we can lift them up and give them something to smile about.

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The Gift from the Heart is a day set aside for registered dental hygienists across Canada to share their skills and knowledge with those who need it the most. To date, registered dental hygienists have provided over 1.4 million dollars in dental hygiene care on the Gift from the Heart day.

Together we volunteered our time, kindness and skills to over 1500 Canadians and gave them a gift like no other. Liam and his Dad wanted to say “Thank you” for making them feel so special and welcomed at Whole Health in Brighton, Ontario. “It was the first time I didn’t feel like I was being judged and people really cared about me”.

Prior to September 2007, registered dental hygienists were most often employed by dentists in private dental offices. However, a growing number of registered dental hygienists are choosing careers in independent dental hygiene practices including mobile services for not only long-term care homes but the increasing number of Canadians who cannot access care for a variety of reasons. More than 3000 registered dental hygienists have received authorization to self-initiate their controlled act of “scaling teeth and root planning, including curetting surrounding tissue,” (Dental Hygiene Act 1991). These changes to the Dental Hygiene Act have increased the public’s access to affordable preventive oral care services by the practitioner of their choice.

Dental hygienists are regulated health professionals that are always prepared to give back to their communities whenever called upon. That was evident on February 14, 2009 when 16 Independent Dental Hygiene Offices and more than 75 Registered Dental Hygienists gave their time to put a smile on the face of a complete stranger. How did they do that? Simply doing what they do best, dental hygiene care, scaling, polishing, fluoride treatments, oral cancer screenings, microscope demonstrations, brushing, flossing and best of all education about the importance of oral health and your overall health.