For immediate release Toronto, June 1, 2020

Launch of new partnership will bring Prevora and preventive oral healthcare to high risk adults across Canada.

A new national partnership between CHX Technologies of Toronto (CHX) and the Canadian charity, Gift from the Heart (GFTH), will provide Prevora and other preventive oral healthcare services to the growing numbers of Canadian adults experiencing chronically poor oral health. The service will start in early 2021. It features affordable, evidence-based, painless oral healthcare in venues frequented by high risk adults, such as the independent hygiene practice, the community health centre, the family physician’s practice, hospitals, the pharmacy and the retirement residence. A tele-oral health service is planned so as to further improve access.

About oral healthcare in high risk Canadian adults: As many as 4 in 10 Canadian adults experience chronically poor oral health for several reasons: diabetes, cognitive decline, an inability to maintain oral hygiene and a healthy diet with age, multiple medication use causing a dry mouth, immuno-suppression, an inability to afford regular professional dental care, or Special Needs status. The symptoms are sore and bleeding gums and recurrent dental decay. These are important medical conditions which are critical to overall health and the healthcare system.

Chronically poor oral health can contribute to elevated or unstable chronic diseases such as diabetes, pre- dementia, atherosclerosis, hypertension, COPD, chronic kidney disease, and can heighten the risk of stroke. Health economic studies show that adults with chronically poor oral health spend significantly more on medical and hospital services than their healthy peers.
“To respond to this crisis of poor oral health requires new, innovative models” said Bev Woods, RDH and founder of GFTH. “The most do-able, effective and sustainable approach is for Canadian independent hygienists to treat the cause of poor oral health (oral dysbiosis) in multiple settings where high risk adults are found.” remarked Woods.

About the Prevora preventive oral health service: This new service is conducted by independent hygienists who are relatively new members of Canada’s healthcare team and who uniquely focus on assessing risks of poor oral health and delivering appropriate preventive care without pain and at an affordable cost. Independent hygienists work out of their own facilities, in retirement residences and most recently, in physicians’ practices.

This new service starts with an oral health assessment. The hygienist then provides appropriate prevention procedures, including the application of Prevora, a topical, high strength, long-lasting antiseptic medication approved for use by Health Canada. Prevora generates no aerosols in its administration.

Prevora treats oral dysbiosis over long periods. “My Prevora patients have gone for years without cavities and gum disease” says Julie Di Nardo, RDH and an independent hygienist practicing in Hamilton and a member of GFTH.
About Gift from the Heart: This Canadian charity communicates with some 1,100 independent hygienists across Canada. GFTH fosters innovation to overcome existing barriers to better oral health.

About CHX Technologies: CHX is a Canadian pharmaceutical company which has developed the Prevora
platform for managing poor oral health. Prevora is approved for use in Canada, the U.K. and the E.U. also developing new models for integrating Prevora into the management of chronic diseases.

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Bev Woods, RDH
Gift from the Heart

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